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Ludwigia Glandulosa

Additional Info

  • common name glandular ludwiga, red star Ludwiga, red naesea, Ludwiga peruensis (erroneous)
  • scientific name Ludwiga Glandulosa
  • lighting medium, high
  • max height 20 in (50 cm)
  • growth rate medium to fast depending on lighting
  • temperature 70-82 F (17-28 C)
  • ph 6-8
  • difficulty easy
  • origin Southeast United States
  • planting area midground, background
  • propagation from cuttings and side shoots

In the right conditions , this ludwigia will grow quickly, producing intensely olive green /pink leaves that stand out well in planted aquarium. When grown with intense lighting, they will grow very dark red leaves. Regular trimming will keep the plant compact and tidy. Given very bright lighting and good all around conditions, it is easy to care for and will adapt to most aquarium. The leaves will grow to 2 in (5cm) long. Best planted in groupsof five or more. With good care this plant can be very attractive.